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Trunk – roads who is responsible for what

On March 11, 2011, in Highways Agency, Legislation, by PeterSilverman


86 (2) In England and Wales the following are “principal litter authorities” (PLAs):  county councils, district councils, London Boroughs and any other local authority designated by the Sec of State

86 (4) Relevant land of a PLA is open to the air and under their control

86 (9) Every highway other than a trunk road which is a special road (i.e. a motorway) is a “relevant highway” and is the responsibility of the London Borough or council of the district in which it lies subject to (11)

86 (11) The Sec of State can by order transfer the responsibility imposed by S89 from the local authority to the highways authority

The Highway Litter Clearance and Cleaning (Transfer of Responsibility) (England) Order 2009 used this section to transfer responsibility for cleaning various roads including A40 from J1 to border with LB Hillingdon from “the local authorities who would otherwise be responsible, to the Secretary of State for Transport who is the highway authority  for them”

89 (1) It is the duty of  each local authority as respects any relevant highway for which it is responsible, the Sec of State for any trunk road which is a special road and any relevant highway for which he is responsible, to ensure it is so far as is practicable  kept clear of litter and refuse

89(6) In discharging its duty under 89(1) the local authority may apply to the highway authority to exercise its powers under s 14(1) 0r (3) of the 1984 c 27 Road traffic Regulation Act 1984 (temporary prohibition or restriction of traffic)

Litter Code of Practice:

11.4.4 The Sec of State is responsible for motorways and a small number of all purpose trunk roads.  Cetain statutory instruments have created trunked or de-trunked roads (defined in “A New Deal for Trunk Roads”) and are listed at The responsibility for litter clearance on the rest of the trunk road network lies with the relevant district and borough councils.

Highways Agency Web site:

Many trunk roads were removed from the Agency’s network and transferred to the relevant local authority.
To see a full list go to  /


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