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The cleansing of all roads in London apart from the M1, M4, M11 and M25 (some sections of which which pass through the GLA area) is the responsibility of the London Boroughs in accordance with EPA S89(1).

This includes the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) shown in red in the map below which are otherwise maintained by TfL.

So, on the North Circular, for example, TfL cuts the grass while the individual Boroughs have to pick up the litter

The rest of this post deals with who is responsible for all aspects of maintenance apart from cleansing.

More than half of the city’s traffic is on either the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) or the Borough Principal Road Network (BPRN)

Responsibility for managing London’s road network is shared between the Highways Agency, TfL and London boroughs. The Highways Agency manages the national motorway network, including the M25 orbital motorway and the M1, M4 and M11.

Within the GLA, London Streets is responsible for the TLRN

The London boroughs are responsible for all other Highways and Traffic Management Act functions on the wider BPRN and local borough roads.

Tfl Road Nework map

More detailed map

Peter Silverman
18th May 2016


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