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Local Government in England

On December 3, 2018, in Legislation, Local Authorities, by PeterSilverman

The Local Government Act 1972 split the country into Metropolitan County Councils and Non- Metropolitan County Councils.  Each were divided into District Councils. Some functions were carried out at the County level and others at the District level. This regime still exists in some areas. However…

Metropolitan County Councils were abolished in 1986. Their component metropolitan districts became single tier i.e. unitary councils.

Following the Local Government Act 1992 the County Councils of  Berkshire,  Avon, Cleveland, Hereford and Worcester and Humberside  were abolished. Unitary authorities covering many urban areas including cities like Bristol, Kingston upon Hull, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Stoke-on-Trent and Plymouth were established

In 2009 in five shire counties the functions of the county and district councils were combined into a single authority; and in two counties the powers of the county council were absorbed into a significantly reduced number of districts’s Local government structures is also very informative and explains that there are now 5 different types of local authority:

  • county councils
  • district councils
  • unitary authorities
  • metropolitan districts
  • London boroughs

It includes this interactive map of all of the local authorities  in England.

Wikipedia’s Unitary Authorities of England includes a list showing how each such authority was established.

Peter Silverman
3rd December 2018



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