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The following paragraphs of the code refer  to the need for duty bodies to classify their land into one of four zones and operate consistent, effective, cleansing strategies which take these into account.

6.3 … For most responsible bodies, good management is ….as well as maintaining a consistent overall cleansing strategy

8.1 list the factors which must be accounted for when analysing the most effective cleansing strategy

8.2 The most important are the intensity of activity and health & safety limitations.

8.3 Classifies land into four main zones: high intensity, medium intensity, low intensity and areas of special circumstances

8.4 Duty bodies should allocate land into one of these four zones and manage it accordingly

8.7 Duty bodies are expected to publish details of these zones for their land and make them available to the public on request.

11.4.10 It should be possible for managers to set up effective cleansing strategies to manage levels of litter and refuse above acceptable standards…

11.4.2  In practice, the code therefore requires ….the removal of detritus from metalled highway surfaces… This should be reflected in the cleansing strategy.


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