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Controlled waste

On July 13, 2020, in Legislation, by PeterSilverman

Environmental Protection Act S75 (4) says “Controlled waste” means household, industrial and commercial waste or any such waste.

The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012:

Reg 2 – the Act” means the Environmental Protection Act 1990;

Reg 5  – Litter and refuse Part 2 of the Act has effect as if references to controlled waste collected under section 45 include references to litter and refuse collected under sections 89(1)(a) and (c), 92(9) and 92C(3) of the Act(1).

SCHEDULE 1 3. Classification by nature of waste or activity producing waste. 1. Waste arising from the discharge of duties under section 89(1)(a), (c) or (f) of the Act (duties to collect litter and refuse) = household waste

It looks to me as if litter in situ on the ground is only “controlled waste” after it has been collected by someone fulfilling the EPA S89(1) Ito keep land clear of litter.


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