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HE’s updated Litter Strategy

On November 24, 2020, in Highways England, Legislation, by PeterSilverman

Highways England have updated their Litter Strategy.

Here are some of its main points followed by my reactions:

It certainly does damage your reputation and upsets your customers. So why don’t you get out and pick up the litter? Why don’t you prosecute waste transporters who spill their loads onto your network? Why don’t you develop safe working procedures just like every other company does to protect the workers involved. Spending money on anything diverts it away from other things. You should always ensure you committed sufficient funds to ensure compliance with any statutory duties you may have (see below).

Your vision should be to comply with your statutory duty (see below). “Predominantly free” could mean only 40% of the your land was covered in litter.

No! No! No! (I sound like Mrs Thatcher). You are not just responsible for “litter collection” i.e. as and when you feel like doing any. You have a statutory duty under S89 (1) of the Environmental Protection Act to ENSURE that your highways are KEPT CLEAR OF LITTER so far as is practicable.

You do not mention your statutory duty anywhere because, if you did, it would be self evident that you were in breach of it.


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