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From: Williams, Lance []
Sent: 25 January 2011 11:35
To: ‘’
Cc: HAIL Closed Calls; Standards_Feedback&Enquiries; Coniff, Claire
Subject: RE: HAIL Customer Response Form – Call # 13120656 Information request – Temporary Traffic Management

Dear Mr Silverman

Re your request for information:

“Could you please let me have copies of the following documents:

1.      Temporary Traffic Management on High Speed Roads – Good Working Practice, Highways Agency, October 2002

2.      Guidance for Safer Temporary Traffic Management, Highways Agency, June 2002.

3.      Any other publications, or standard procedures, about the safety procedures required by HA contractors when carrying out maintenance work, including litter picking, on motorways.

Please provide as electronic copies. If available on the internet a link will suffice”

1.    The following internet link should take you to

Temporary Traffic Management on High Speed Roads – Good Working Practice

2.    The following internet link should take you to

Guidance for Safer Temporary Traffic Management – Issued 2002

Please note that “Guidance for Safer Temporary Traffic Management” ref: HSE/HA/CSS(2002). Hard copies and PDF format of this document are available from TRL Ltd. (

3.    Other documents which may be of relevance to you are

a)    Interim Advice Note 115/08

Guidance for Works on the Hard Shoulder and Road Side Verges on High Speed Dual Carriageways

b)    National Highway Sector Schemes for temporary traffic management schemes 12A/B, 12C and 12D.

Scheme 12A/B – Sector Scheme Document For static temporary traffic management on motorways and high speed dual carriageways including on-line widening schemes (Edition 3, July 2010)

Scheme 12C – Sector Scheme Document for Mobile Lane Closure Traffic Management on Motorways and Other Dual Carriageways (Edition 7, August 2009)

Scheme 12D – Sector Scheme Document for Installing, maintaining and removing temporary traffic management on rural and urban roads (Edition 4, December 2009)

Please note that a number of other schemes are required to call up temporary traffic management in accordance with the above documents, a list of those schemes affected is given in Appendix M of NHSS 12D.

Please note that Appendices B of the above document also provide further references that you may wish to consider.

c)    HSE information

HSE provides information on the CDM Regulations this is available at

in particular Construction Information Sheet No 53 – “Crossing High-Speed Roads on Foot during temporary traffic management works” is relevant. (There is a direct link from this site)

See also internet link

I trust this information provides  you data/links you seek.

Yours sincerely

Lance Williams


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