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Only the Green Party manifesto mentions the word “litter”

They say: “Over £50 billion has been slashed from council budgets over the past decade because of central government decisions. Councils have been forced to close libraries, sell off public land, abandon meals on wheels for older people, close children’s centres, stop repairing roads or no longer collect litter”. 

The Greens want to “create a new Environmental Protection Commission (EPC). This will be one integrated body to enforce environmental protections, from clean air to litter-free roads

Labour and the Brexit Party simply ignore the topic altogether.

The Conservatives say they will ” … crack down on the waste and carelessness that destroys our natural environment”. SPIN WARNING the “natural environment” is the new DEFRA speak for the environment excluding litter as deployed in the Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill.

They go on to say that “we will increase penalties for fly-tipping” but in their time in office the Environment Agency has virtually given up prosecuting large scale fly-tippers.

They also want to make “‘those on community sentences clean up their parks and streets, and introduce a deposit return scheme to incentivise people to recycle plastic and glass” and “to give you security – safe and pleasant streets, and the ability to take pride and comfort from the community around you”. But what are they gong to do make our streets so pleasant that we will be able to take pride in them?

Peter Silverman
Litter – the big Westminster cover up
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