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Conservative Manifesto promises on litter

On July 24, 2015, in Legislation, by PeterSilverman

Page 54 of the Conservative Manifesto states:

Building on our introduction of a five pence charge on single-use plastic bags, we will review the case for higher Fixed Penalty Notices for littering and allow councils to tackle small-scale fly-tipping through Fixed Penalties rather than costly prosecutions.

Subsequent statements

Rory Stewart The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs stated in the Common on 21st July 2105 that:

Fly-tipping is blight on both rural and urban areas, and can cause pollution and harm to public health and wildlife. It undermines legitimate waste businesses where unscrupulous operators undercut those that operate within the law and is a drain on Local Authorities that clear it up.

Tackling fly-tipping is a priority for the Government. We announced in our manifesto that we will be giving councils the power to issue fixed penalty notices for small-scale fly-tipping as well as reviewing the existing fixed penalty notices for littering. These steps will build on other Government action, which include:

a) cracking down on offenders by working with the Sentencing Council on its guideline for sentencing for environmental offences, which came into force on 1 July last year;

b) making it easier for vehicles suspected of being involved in waste crime to be stopped, searched and seized; and

c) working in partnership with others through the Defra chaired National Fly-Tipping Prevention Group (NFTPG) to prevent and tackle illegal dumping. The NFTPG includes representatives from central and local Government, enforcement authorities, the waste industry, private landowners and the National Rural Crime Network. The NFTPG has published a Fly-tipping Partnership Framework outlining best practice for the prevention, reporting, investigation and clearance of fly-tipping to be adapted to suit local circumstances.

Peter Silverman
24th July 2015


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