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On October 26, 2017, in EPA S91 Litter Abatement Orders, Legislation, by PeterSilverman

In my Newsletter of 10th October I wrote:

Councils and Highways England have a statutory duty to keep their highways clear of litter. If they do not a citizen can take them to court under EPA S91. However, if they lose the case they are liable for the other sides legal costs, typically £10,000. I should know!

I am therefore considering setting up a trust fund of £20,000 to underwrite such cases. If I did would you be prepared to contribute, say, £100? If so, please action this link. [It will simply identify you – no cash will change hands].

29 people clicked to they would be prepared to contribute £100. I have therefore decided to press ahead.

Solicitor and Clean Highways supporter, Michael Pease, has agreed to explore how the fund can be set it up as a charitable trust and is prepared to act as one of the trustees.

I would envisage there being, say, three trustees who would hold the funds. They would consider applications and agree to underwrites cases only those where they felt there was a high chance of success. Monies would only be paid out to cover legal expenses.

For more on  EPA S91 please go to Litter Abatement Orders – in a nutshell


Peter Silverman
26th October 2017


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