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A unique opportunity to encourage the government to do something about our littered motorways

18th January 2014

ImageVaultHandler.aspx[1]The House of Commons Select Committee on Transport are in the middle of their inquiry into the Strategic Road Network  i.e. the English motorways and trunk roads managed by the Highways Agency. This should be completed by the end of February 2014. Their brief includes:


How to improve the reliability and efficiency of travel on the strategic road network.

How  the Highways Agency should be reformed.

I have submitted written evidence to the committee pointing to the failure of the Agency to comply with the duty to ensure the motorways are kept clear of litter. I have argued that efficient travel should include the concept of travel in a clean environment.

They are however under no obligation to consider my submission or the issue of litter. To maximise the chance of their doing so could you please write to your MP and encourage others to do the same.


If you do not have his or her contact details go to

Then, check in case your MP is on the  committee . The members are:  Mrs Louise Ellman (Chair),  Sarah Champion, Jim Dobbin,   Jim Fitzpatrick,  Karen Lumley,  Jason McCartney, Karl McCartney,Mr Adrian Sanders  Chloe Smith,  Graham Stringer and Martin Vickers.

Try and make your e-mail or letter as individual as possible, maybe referring to local motorways. Try to include the key points in this  draft:

Dear XXX,

I am writing to you as my MP about the continued littered state of the verges alongside our motorways. You will be aware of this if you drive along the XXX (maybe refer to a local motorway or the slip roads at a particular junction). The condition of these roads is a national disgrace in spite of the fact that the government has an obligation to ensure that they are kept clear of litter.

The Commons Transport Select Committee is currently carrying out an inquiry into the Strategic Road Network/ Motorways in England. The  Clean Highways campaign have tabled a submission which deals specifically with motorway litter. It identifies the relevant management failings within the Highways Agency and the reforms required to tackle the problem.     [Adjust accordingly if your MP is on the committee]

The committee is under no obligation to consider this submission. If you share my concerns I would be most grateful if you could therefore bring it to their attention, possibly by forwarding this e-mail to the Chair, Mrs Louise Ellman, or to another member of the committee.    [ If your MP is on the committee this paragraph could read: As a member of the committee I would urge you to study this submission and , if you feel it has merit, to take it into account in your final report.]

Kind regards

 John Smith
Give address to demonstrate you are a constituent

Please forward a copy to me at petersilverman(at)cleanhighways(d0t)co(d0t)uk.

Good luck.

Peter Silverman
17th January 2014



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