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Council fail to deal with persistent fly tipping in Ruislip High Street

High St bags Aug 2014

28th Aug 2014

Long shot 2_edited-3

Sept 2013

Fly tipping at this location was drawn to the Council’s attention in 2011 and again in 2013.

In spite of this some residents living in the flats over nearby shops have continued to use it as a convenient dump for their household waste.

This is a persistent week on week , month on month, year on year problem.

The Council seem to let the bags accumulate only clearing them away on a weekly basis.

This is in breach of their duty under S89(1) of the Environmental Protection Act to ensure that they keep their land, so far as is practicable, clear of litter and refuse.

The bags should be removed on a daily basis and steps taken to apprehend the perpetrators.

Ruislip High St – bureaucracy gone mad – 2011

LB Hillingdon – Fly tipped waste bags – Ruislip High Street – 2013

My e-mail to LBH Chief Executive and reply from Deputy Director Residents Services – 2013

My e-mail to LBH Chief Executive 28th August 2014

Peter Silverman
28th August 2014 



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