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Council allow fly tipped bags of rubbish to accumulate in busy Ruislip High Street in spite of complaints from shopkeeper

Final finalThese photographs were taken in Ruislip High Street over the last 2 weeks.  Bags of rubbish are being allowed to accumulate alongside a bank of recycling containers.

This has created an almost permanent eyesore. A nearby shopkeeper told me that her complaints to the council had been ignored.  She said that the bags are only removed on a Tuesday when the recycling containers are emptied.

The top two photographs were taken this morning (30th September) as was the one of the Council rubbish collection vehicle parked nearby. I believe this “cage” vehicle visits the High Street every day to pick up  bags of rubbish accumulated by the street cleaners. Later in the day it had departed but the bags were still in place.

The problem could be resolved if the Council cage vehicle operators removed any illicitly deposited bags on a daily basis. The Council should also investigate who is depositing the bags by opening some of the them up to check for ID such as discarded correspondence / bills etc. Hidden time lapse cameras could also be used – why not?

I have just realised that I had raised this issue in 2011. The driver of the caged vehicle had told me that their job was to pick up fly tipped rubbish (bags of rubbish count as fly tipping) but they could not do anything without a ticket!! I had written to the Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hillingdon about this suggesting that the operatives should be  empowered to take a more pro-active role in dealing with this type of fly tipped rubbish.

I have now written to his successor  drawing her attention to this post and asking for her comments.

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Peter Silverman
30th September 2013




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