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March 2019

DEFRA minister, Therese Coffey MP, accused of misleading MPs over litter from vehicles regulations

February 2019

Waitrose react to name & shame video but still fall short

Proposed Office of Environmental Protection should we argue be able to enforce statutory duty on litter

January 2019

Littering from vehicles – defective regulations – I write again to the Permanent Secretary at DEFRA

“Practicable” means” physically possible” and traffic management cannot be used as an excuse for not carrying out cleansing work on trunk roads

November 2018

Littering from vehicles – new legislation does not apply where Highways England is the duty body

We are going to have to wait a generation for any reduction in litter – official

Highways England regular photo surveillance of their network – I do not believe it!

October 2018

Fly-tipping Ministerial briefings – getting the run-around from DEFRA and the ICO

September 2018

Ministerial merry-go-round at DEFRA and the DfT

Government rejects proposals to get Highways England to clean trunk roads

July 2018

Clean Highways thanked in Parliament

June 2018

Councils spending on street cleaning per household has fallen by 26%

Pointless DEFRA publication – spurious HE figures quoted as fact

“Peter picks up the baton”

May 2018

Highways clean A40 / Denham roundabout only after legal threat

Charges for DIY waste – an incentive for fly-tippers – DEFRA get it all wrong

April 2018

Clean Highways on BBC Breakfast

March 2018

Littered M6 – video

Network Rail – large scale litter only cleared when funds available

Partial clean up of A40 following legal warning

Sign our petition to Highways England

February 2018

Highways England threatened with legal action over A40 litter

Highways England – STILL shaming our nation – video

Your complaints sent to Highways England CEO

Massive accumulations of litter on J2 of A1(M)

January 2018

M25 – Audit Office reveal PFI contractor’s super profits

Critique of Government’s new Environment Strategy

Time to bin Keep Britain Tidy

A69 – the £17m by-pass that will cost us £118m

December 2017

Highways England maintenance expenditure cuts revealed

A12 through Brentwood not litter-picked for almost 3 years

November 2017

Commons debate fly-tipping

New Roads Minister mis-represents HE’s statutory duty on litter

October 2017

MP asks Permanent Secretary at DfT to reply to my e-mail of 8th August

Not a single motorway litter-picker hit by a motorist in last 10 years

Network Rail misrepresent their statutory duty on litter

Government to introduce fines for littering from cars and to increase max fines for littering

September 2017

Andrea Leadsom: “litter is always one of the biggest concerns of everybody”

August 2017

Highways England to introduce new sweepers

May 2017

Highways England allow 600 tons of fly-tipped waste to accumulate under A40

Rethinking Waste Crime – ESA report May 2017

April 2017

Littered slip roads on M1 and M4

I feature in Channel 5 News item on litter

75% decline in large scale fly-tipping prosecutions

March 2017

February 2017

It’s like driving along a gutter’: Furious motorists decry ‘sickeningly filthy’ A3

63 of your complaints sent on to Highways England bosses and the government

Local Authorities spend under 60p per week per household on street cleansing

January 2017

More of your feedback on litter sent to Highways England’s Nick Harris

Government’s (leaked) Litter Strategy not fit for purpose

LB Havering wrongly deny responsibility for cleaning A12

December 2016

Legal warning notices sent to three south coast councils over littered A27

November 2016

E-mail to Transport Select Committee – ORR failing to monitor HE on litter

Highways England new Ops Director urged to prosecute under EPA S34

Ireland – CCTV used to catch litterering motorists

October 2016

Waste escaping from transporters – only two prosecutions ever by Environment Agency

A13 – Highways England’s rapid response to warning notice

Litter pickers spotted on M40

Environment Agency admit they are no longer rescourced to prosecute waste transport vehicles operators

September 2016

Council issues 100 litter fines in 3 days

August 2016

Environment Agency quizzed over refuse escaping from waste transport vehicles

Council chiefs slam Highways England over “u-turn” on cleaning up Tilbury lay-bys

Lay-by litter ignored by maintenace crew

Highways England have no specific funding for litter-picking

Waste transporter sheds rubbish onto M40 – Aug 2016

Newport Council fail to deal with waste from multi occupation property – video

July 2016

Relevant ministerial changes

Waste falling from another transporter on M40 – July 2016

ORR’ first Annual Report mentions “litter” but..

Lord Gardiner Government Spokesperson (Department for Culture, Media and Sport): “I am very conscious that many people from abroad see how filthy our motorways are and wonder about us.

Litter feedback report sent to Highways England CEO covering May and June

June 2016

Street Cleansing in Scotland – A position statement

Some MPs are using the same standard reply to respond to complaints about litter

Aone+ win contact for Highways England Area 12

Highways England Area 7 – new contract

May 2016

Office for Rail & Road and Transport Focus – costs

Blocking vehicle with buffer

DEFRA Litter Forum – 10th May 2016

Fag butt litter louts named and shamed by Lincoln City Council

Minister spells out focus for new litter strategy

Waste transport vehicles – update

London roads

April 2016

Notes on a dirty island – Bill Bryson’s videos from 2008

ITV News video – roadside litter getting worse

Frustrated Kent resident writes to DfT minister i/c Highways England over litter

Feedback report sent to Highways England CEO Jim O’Sullivan

London Borough quizzed over failure to remove A40 fly-tipped waste

600 bags of litter allowed to accumulate on north west motorways admits Highways England

Where is all the litter on the French motorways?

Highways England spend £50,000 pa per lane mile on motorway maintenance 

DEFRA Minister, Rory Stewart, explains how new litter strategy will be developed

E-mail to Chairman of ORR about their failure to address the issue of litter

M32 J1 green bag left in situ for 4 years

No mention of litter in environment section of HE Innovation Strategy

Rapid reply to HE CEO

Waste falling from transporter on M40

March 2016

Rapid response from HE CEO

More of your complaints sent to Highways England CEO

Clean Highways on BBC Five Live – 22nd March 2016 – motorway litter

Slip road litter on Highways England network – March 2016

Disgraceful state of lay-by on  A404 

Debris in M25 A1(M) slip road left for over 3 years

DEFRA Minister announces plans for a National Litter Strategy

Newsletter – March 2016

Councillors in Thurrock are up in arms about HE’s  failure to clean approach road to Tilbury Docks

More litter complaints sent to Highways England CEO

Highways England’s own video shows them acting in breach of EPA S89(1)

DfT and ORR ignore “litter” in setting objectives for, and monitoring, Highways England

A20 in Dover will not be litter-picked for over 4 months

Highways England Board not incentivised to reduce litter

February 2016

Commons debate on litter & fly-tipping 

Further 31 of your complaints forwarded to Highways England CEO

Duty to keep highways clear of litter – see the 2 minute video

Street cleaners do not come past my shop

Highways England’s new approach to area contracts

January 2016

Highways England CEO Jim O’Sullivan invited to respond to liter complaints

Lots more of your complaints sent to Highways England CEO

Scottish May 2016 election candidates advised on street cleansing

MP Andrew Gwynne complains about litter on M67 and M60


Fly -tipping – Newport S. Wales

Highways England do not fully recognise duty under EPA

Highways England confused over power to prosecute

Transport minister down-plays litter responsibilities

Denbighshire litter blitz rakes in £250,000

More of your complaints sent to Highways England CEO

Highways England survey shows 50% of roads users are angered by litter

December 2015

Third feedback report to HE CEO on litter

Government response to C & LG Committee report on litter

Highways England U – turn on motorway maintenance / cleaning


How to complain directly to Highways England CEO about motorway litter

November 2015

Government delay response to Select Committee report on litter 

Increase in motorway injuries coincides with maintenance cuts

Bournemouth to employ private contractor to issue on-the-spot litter fines

October 2015


Highways England CEO quizzed on slip road litter, abandoned signs, performance monitoring and litter accumulations

Littered M1 J11 a disgrace – temporary road sign left in situ for over 12 months

M1 – Southbound off-slips defaced by litter

N Croydon MP Steve Reed sets up litter commission

September 2015

Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – Litter related issues

Clean Highways featured in BBC 1’s  Inside Out

Government plans to tackle fly tipping

Solving the litter problem – report updated

MP Kevin Hollinrake quizzes Highways England CEO over litter from waste transport vehicles

Highways England network – litter picking – deaths & injuries

ICO tell Highways England to release litter complaints

August 2015

No on-the-spot litter fines issued in Dorchester

Highways England goes out to tender on new style maintenance contract in the East Midlands

MP meetings – update

July 2015

Newsletter – July 2015

New roads’ minister asked for support over motorway litter

M4 J8/9 – Central island cleaned at last

Conservative manifesto promises to review case for higher fines for littering

Tendering for new look HE Area 7 contract

MP challenges Minister over littered M60 and M67

Highways England in denial of their duty on litter

ORR says Highways England could receive £25 million fines

June 2015

Jim O’Sullivan has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of Highways England

Highways England’s new Design Panel has been set up to make roads safer and more scenic

May 2015


Council sponsored fly-tipping

Environment Agency asked to investigate breaches of EPA S33 by Westminster and Brighton Councils

Council allows trade waste to be deposited on the pavement in contravention of EPA S33

Concern expressed over new draft HSE guidance on roadside litter picking (WISH 24)

Sunday Times: We have litter — depressing, large amounts of it.

Highways England to spend £300 million pa on maintenance

Area 7 (East Midlands) – Highways England to take control of maintenance in-house

Meeting with Highways England

Council sentenced after litter picker struck by car

Crown Censure for Highways Agency following traffic officer’s death

April 2015

Complaint to Information Commissioner about Highways England

Who is responsible for cleaning the HE trunk roads?

Highways England – taking maintenance in-house?

Safety at street works and road works – a separate guide is required for litter-picking

March 2015


Report to Highways Agency CEO includes DIRTY DOSSIER of your complaints

Clean Highways critique of select Committee report on litter and fly-tipping

Commons Select Committee publish report on litter and fly-tipping
(See reference to evidence from Clean Highways in para 56)

February 2015


January 2015

Area 10 – M60 J10 – Accessible litter allowed to accumulate

Highways England ditch Asset Support Contract after our 2 year campaign

Highways Agency now Highways England – New plan makes scant reference to litter

Update on Penalty Notices for littering, including from vehicles 

December 2014

Councils unaware of their responsibility to clean trunk roads

Paxman backs CleanUp Britain campaign

Clean Highways on BBC TV

November 2014


Cleansing of trunk roads which are part of the strategic network run by the Highways Agency

Problems with kerbside waste collection

Commons Committee inquiry into litter to start hearings this month

7 Decision Notices issued by Information Commissioner against Highways Agency / DfT

October 2014

Read Clean Highways written submission to Commons inquiry into litter

September 2014

M32 J1 not cleaned for over 2 years 6 ms

New Asset Support Contract focuses on safety not aesthetics


Highways Agency Area 2 M32 – some revealing answers

Highways Agency quizzed over litter blown from commercial vehicles onto motorways

When is a complaint not a complaint? – When its made to the Highways Agency

August 2014

LB Hillingdon fail to deal with persistent fly-tipping in Ruislip High St

July 2014

Highways Agency litter complaints grossly understated

Highways Agency admit to more complaints about motorway litter in Area 2, in the southwest 

Residents face fines for untidy gardens

June 2014

Highways Agency will become a duty body under S89 of the EPA


E-mail to roads minister, Robert Goodwill MP

May 2014


Area 2 – M5 – James Miller exposes substandard performance

2010 Spending Review and the missing report

Area 10 – Manchester Evening News reports MP’s fury at cuts in cleaning

Highways Agency to become a Government owned company

High speed A34 only litter picked once a year

Highways Agency claim of unit cost savings of 20% – 25% questioned

M1 contractor only obliged to clear litter once a year

A1 in Gateshead is now only litter picked once a year!

April 2014

A41 through Aylesbury only cleaned once every three months


Your roadside litter photographs – March 2014

March 2014

E-mail to roads minister Robert Goodwill – 21st March 2014

E-mail to roads minister Robert Goodwill – 13th March 2014

Highways Agency Area 10 – Dramatic decline in litter collection

Survey of Highways Agency Area 10

Call for photos – Act now!

February 2014

Highways Agency seemingly in denial over 2009 litter strategy

Newsletter February 2014 (2)

Highways Agency CEO quizzed on motorway litter by Transport Committee

Wayne Beesley – My big issue at present is the disgusting state of the slip roads

Positive response to Stuart Clay’s warning notice to East Cambs DC

M23 – David Brooker continues his quest for answers

Highways Agency new Litter Strategy is a joke

M32 J1 not cleaned for over 2 years !

Stuart Clay issues litter warning notice to East Cambridgeshire District Council

John Woolmer demands parliamentary action over road and motorway litter

Area 10 – Decline in cleansing under new contact

January 2014

Civil penalty for littering from a vehicle to get government backing

Motorway litter petition – 152 signatures and counting

Littered M67 a disgrace says MP


Our country looks dreadful to visitors arriving through Gatwick – Dave Brooker

Messages of support now exceed 100 !!!

Network Rail downplay their statutory duty on litter

December 2013

Complaint made to Information Commissioner over refusal of Highways Agency to provide a copy of their Litter Strategy

November 2013

A180 in North East Lincs – complainant forces local authority to clear the litter

October 2013

KBT’s Local Environment Quality Survey 1012/13

Britain is turning into one big rubbish tip


Obfuscation by the Highways Agency / DfT

Andrew Gwynne MP critical of unhelpful Highways Agency/DfT

Clean Highways’ Submission to the House of Commons Select Committee on Transport


Claims of gum litter reductions to be checked

Andrew Gwynne MP appeals information refusal by Highways Agency

Permanent Secretary fails to address evidence of Highways Agency contract failings

September 2013

Growing evidence of Highways Agency contract failings presented to Permanent Secretary

LB Hillingdon – Fly tipped waste bags allowed to accumulate – Ruislip High Street

Councils ignore night levy to clean up streets

Towards a litter-free Scotland

A flawed Civil Service?

August 2013

No ban on Chinese lanterns

See video of my appearance on Chinese TV


Government to turn Highways Agency into a privately owned public company

How the Highways Agency deflects criticism

Eric Pickles opposed to Littering From Vehicles Bill

July 2013

I was interviewed by Chinese TV

Information Tribunal find in favour of Clean Highways


I meet  the Minister

Derbyshire – A61 and A617cleaned only once a year

Local resident’s 4 year campaign to clean up Mitcham Tram Stop

Request made for Highways Agency litter strategy documents

Meeting with M25 contractor and Highways Agency organised by Zilch

June 2013

MP calls for litter louts to spend 100 hours clearing up litter and dog mess

172 sacks worth of litter allowed to accumulate on M60 junction

Date set (July 9th) for appeal to the Information Tribunal over information denied by the Highways Agency

Meeting arranged with motorways Minister (3rd July)


DEFRA publishes 10 year old report as a new litter initiative

Highways Agency – lack of a regulator

Area 10 – no cleansing for 3 months

May 2013

Road user complains directly to Minister over littered M56 junction

April 2013

Andrew Gwynne MP requests meeting with minister over motorway litter


M32 J1 slip road not cleaned for over a year

Highways Agency “Bag it and bin it” results questioned

Highways Agency’s Business Plan makes no mention of motorway cleansing

DEFRA issue new guide on powers to tackle litter etc

March 2013

Confused thinking by Highways Agency’s M25  contractor

Unsatisfactory response to litter code question from Andrew Gwynne MP

Naming and shaming the London Borough of Barnet

Highways Minister owns up to littered state of M60 and M67

Zilch UK clean up J13 of the M25

Council asked to issue a code of practice to encourage residents to store food waste in dustbins prior to collection


Littered J15 of M1 – Highways Agency asked to clarify split of responsibility with local authority where slip roads join roundabouts

Government’s implied  criticism of  on-the-spot litter fine contractor made without proper evaluation.

February 2013

Fly-tipped bags ignored for 6 days – Hillingdon Council asked to review procedures

January 2013

Court rules that London Underground land was not defaced by litter

Hillingdon Council promise to take action over neglected plastic ties on traffic lights


Clean Highways award goes to London Borough of Newham

Coalition’s audit report shows no meaningful action over litter pledge

Council asked to get their street cleaners to remove plastic ties from traffic lights

December 2012

Highways Agency inspections – Concerns about M40 and M25 contracts

November 2012


Manifesto Club report on litter fines de-bunked

West London waste & re-cyling sites – charges may mean more fly-tipping

Concerned expressed over roadside detritus and weeds

Trial hearing of complaint against London Underground delayed to 30th  January 

October 2012

Minister’s statement disputed 


Highways Agency – new contract – key question unanswered 

London Underground trial hearing delayed to 6th Novemeber

September 2012

Waste falling from transporter on M4 reported to Environment Agency

July 2012

Complaint made to Information Commissioner over Highways Agency refusal to provide information

Court finds M40 J1  was not defaced by litter & refuse

Motorway litter test case to be heard on 27th July

New Bill to fine car owners for litter

Information requests refused by Highways Agency as vexatious

June 2012

Yet another review (sorry study)  into the Highways Agency

May 2012

Commons debate litter

Silverman vs Secretary Of State to be heard on July 27th

What Mike Penning said before taking over responsibilities for the motorways

E-mail to Mike Penning:   new contract’s cleaning specification inadequate and virtually impossible to monitor

Highways Agency’s defence of new contract is rebuffed

Highways Agency defend new contract

I am interviewed in St James Park by Nicola Nelson

April 2012

Litter Minister too busy to discuss motorways

Secretary of State for Transport, Justine Greening,  summoned to court over littered M40 junction

Highways Agency’s new contract in breach of the Environmental Protection Act 1990

14 messages of support received in March

March 2012

M40 litter recorded on way to court

Another Warning Notice sent to London Underground over littered embankments in Ruislip Manor

Act enabling London Boroughs to hold owners responsible for litter from cars given Royal assent

Andrew Edgington complains to Minister, Mike (“our motorways are blighted by rubbish”) Penning over M32

Sign the CLUB pledge

Complaint to court for a Litter Abatement Order to compel Minister to clean  J1 of M40

Metrolink track-side cleaned after threat of court action 

Another council takes on private company to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for littering

February 2012

Warning Notice sent to Minister over M40 litter

Young people in Mansfield choose litter duty over fines

Keep Britain Tidy’s “Love where you live” team redundant following cut in DEFRA grant

January 2012

The litter situation is just getting worse. visitors to this country  must think they are in Egypt or India  says road user

Network Rail fail to keep their land in Spalding free of  refuse 

XFOR offering guns for hire to help councils fight the litter menace

Park cleaned up after Warning Notice sent to London Borough of Hillingdon

December 2011

Boris asked to investigate conduct of London Underground in Litter Abatement Order case   Go

November 2011

Alan Cook’s review of the Highways Agency published – with a thank you to Clean Highways  Go

Congratulations to  London Borough of  Hillingdon for employing contractors to issue on-the-spot litter fines  Go

I was awarded costs in my case against London Underground  Go

October 2011

Bureaucracy gone mad in Ruislip High Street  Go

Publication of Alan Cook’s review of the Highways Agency delayed  Go

Boris asked to review intimidating approach taken by London Underground to litter complaint   Go

September 2011

Report to Alan Cook highlights failings at the Highways Agency  Go

Fining the owner / person in charge of a vehicle for litter dropped from it   Go

Silverman v London Underground – Court sets date for contested hearing   Go

August 2011

London Underground summoned to court over littered embankments  Go

Retired M32 commuter’s enquiries exposes Highways Agency shortcomings  Go

July 2011

Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Transport, asked to expedite delays in getting answers from Mike Penning and the Highways Agency   Go

Theodore Dalrymple adds his voice to the outcry against litter  Go

TfL fail to clear tube embankments – Court asked to summons Boris Johnson to appear before magistrates  Go

Litter Abatement Order warning notice sent to Rail Track over litter at London Bridge   Go

June 2011

Lorries seen spilling litter by Highways Agency only to get a warning Go

Paxman backed campaign recommends Clean Highways guide to Litter Abatement Orders  Go

Quality of advice to Minister questioned   Go

Minister asked if Highways Agency were taking motorway litter seriously Go

“Inspirational and tenacious” says Bill Bryson  Go

M40 Video nasty released  Go

Litter Abatement Order complaint withdrawn to take up offer of meeting with  Highways Agency Go

May 2011

Highways Agency’s business plan makes no reference to litter Go

Sec. of State’s case falls apart in court as evidence is presented to show long standing refuse, including an abandoned fridge, had still not been removed from M40 J1 verges! Go

April 2011

National Audit Office respond to Clean Highways’ critical report on Highways Agency Go

Guardian article ” the motorway man who’s cleaning up” Go

Summons delivered to Sec. of State over littered M40 J1 slip roads Go

M6 embankment cleaned up following complaint Go

March 2011

Minister taken to court over M40 J1 slip roads Go

Outrage over littered A14 Go

Highways Agency’s 85 page annual report mentions “litter” and “cleaning” just once Go

Report on the mismanagement of maintenance contracts by the Highways Agency sent to Audit Office  Go

Warning Notice sent to Minister over littered M40 J1 (Denham) slip roads   Go

M40 J1, the Denham roundabout, Highways Agency fail to respond to request to clean Go

How the Highways Agency and their contractors misinterpret the Litter Code of Practice Go

February 2011

Hundreds of urine bottles removed from M40 verge following Litter Abatement Warning Notice Go

CPRE president Bill Bryson launches campaign to clean up our railways Go

Highways Agency asked to implement DEFRA’s  recommendation to inform public about  Litter Abatement Orders Go

January 2011

Warning Notice sent to Secretary Of State for Transport over hundreds of urine filled bottles on M40 Go

December 2010

Analysis shows litter on our motorways remains in situ typically for 25 days or more. This could comfortably be reduced to 5 days. Go

November  2010

Report “Our Littered Motorways – why the legislation is not working” delivered to Mike Penning MP, Under-secretary of State for Transport Go

Highways Agency fail to acknowledge receipt of M25 Warning Notice Go

October 2010

South Bucks District Council concede that complaint over A355 was reasonable and agree to pay costs  Go

Warning notice sent to  Secretary of State over litter on M25 Go

September 2010

South Bucks District Council say they will fight my claim for costs  Go

South Bucks District Council clean up A355 central reservation after receiving summons Go

Warning Notice issued to Minister to clean up M40 slip roads Go

August 2010

Warning notice  leads to a clean up of  long neglected roundabout Go

June 2010

Legal action leads to transformation of M40


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