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I have belatedly come across Road users’ priorities for the Road Investment Strategy, 2020-25 from Transport Focus published in June 2017.

Transport Focus are the DfT financed statutory watchdog for Highways England.

They said that their research and other insight indicted that RIS 2 should focus on delivering improvement in the following areas:

  1.  Enhanced safety 
  2.  Improving journey times 
  3.  Improved surface quality, signage and lighting
  4.  Better information 
  5.  Improved roadside facilities
  6.  Better integration with other roads 
  7. Meeting the needs of bus and coach operators and their passengers 
  8. Improved provision for cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians
  9. Future-proofing new investment 

What about “litter” I hear you say. It is covered under 3  Improved surface quality, signage and lighting. This is what they had to say:

Although the issue does not register as a high priority for improvement among road users as a whole, litter and debris on verges of the SRN is a concern to some.

On a positive note they go on to support two of our campaign points:

RIS 2 should ensure that the funding provided to Highways England is sufficient to discharge its duties effectively under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.


DfT should also consider transferring responsibility for litter clearance on the SRN ‘A’ roads from district and unitary councils to Highways England, along with the appropriate funding. This would give Highways England full control over this aspect of its customers’ journey experience, and would recognise that Highways England is probably better placed to carry out litter picking on major, high-speed roads than local authorities more geared-up
to sweeping local streets.

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