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Non-existent M25 litter blitz

On October 19, 2020, in HE contracts, Highways England, by PeterSilverman

Highways England’s Routine and Winter Service Code (2009) lays down the contractual obligations for litter picking Highways England’s Area 5 which includes the M25 and various feeder roads such as the A40 and the A13.

Section 2.17 Sweeping and Cleaning Part 2– Performance Requirements under 2.17.1a (in the blue table) refers to:

Additional “litter blitz” standards to be achieved when instructed by the Service Manager.

In answer to a Freedom of Information enquiry in which I asked for copies the last 4 such instructions I was told “No such instructions for Area 5 have been issued

M25 Contract – no financial penalties – wrongful claims about litter audits


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