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According to ORR’s 2018/19 assessment of Highways England HE have introduced a “customer service standard to reduce litter

It gives the impression something is being done about litter when in fact, as we all know, absolutely nothing is being done.

It is full of the most fatuous statements. Here is a selection:

This Standard will promote an outcome focused intelligence-led approach to cyclic and repair maintenance activities, where network knowledge, asset intelligence, customer insight and safety risk implications may be used to vary the maintenance activities.

This standard will highlight the importance of taking a preventative approach to reducing litter by finding longer term innovation solutions to address the root causes of litter which will result in improved customer satisfaction.

An intelligence led approach using network knowledge, asset intelligence and customer insight should be used to understand the root cause of litter hot spots.

Where litter hot spots are particularly challenging to keep free from litter, refuse and fly-tipping, appropriate interventions should be developed to address the root cause and encourage behavioural change.

Each intervention should be monitored and impact evaluated.

All national litter campaigns appropriate to the SRN should be supported and impact evaluated.

Inspectors should understand the definition of a defect in relation to litter, refuse and fly-tipping

To improve efficiency and effectiveness of litter picking and collection, best practice and innovative solutions should be shared.

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Peter Silverman
10th September 2019


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