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The Highways Agency has now morphed into Highways England, the new Company set up by Government to run the the motorways and major A roads in England

Their new  5 year plan makes only a passing reference to motorway litter

H England Bus Plan cover
The plan includes 6 performance areas including:

Improving user satisfaction
Delivering better environmental outcomes and
Keeping the network in good condition.

This would seen to bode well for those concerned about motorway litter. They would however be disappointed.

Litter is only referred to once in this 52 page document. On page 17 under “Better management of what we have” it says we will continue to remove litter from the network while informing people of the safety and environmental risks of discarding rubbish.

No reference is made to what will be Highways England’s statutory duty “to ensure the motorways are, so far as is practicable, kept clear of litter and refuse“.

Highways England’s 5 year Business Plan

Highways Agency new Litter Strategy is a joke

Peter Silverman
9th January 2015





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