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This is a clip from Highways England’s latest glossy publication Connecting out customers 2020-21.

They are going to clean their hot-spots only twice a year having previously said they will clean the rest of the network annually.

They are going to enhance collaboration with local authorities on their clearance of HE’s trunk roads. But we have heard this all before:

2015 …. Highways England …. is currently pursuing a policy of collaborative working with local authorities and is identifying best practice to roll out across the country. …

2017 – Highways England is to launch a Litter Collaboration Pack which will help formalise working relationships and facilitate better co‐ordination of litter clearing operations

2018 – Highways England has also been working to improve collaboration between its contractors and local authorities,

These quotes have been taken from Cleansing of HE trunk roads (APTRS) – transfer of responsibility to HE (go down to heading Collaborative working /Midlands pilot project).


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