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Highways England is a new government owned company which took over the responsibilities of the Highway Agency from 1st April 2015. They operate the country’s Strategic Road Network (SRN) of motorways and trunk roads.

Which trunk roads are cleaned by Highways England?

Detailed Map of the SRN showing area management structure

Latest HE publications

Highways England web site

Gov.UK Web page

Launch press release

Government Policy Statement

Delivery Plan 2015 – 2020

6.1.9 Other environmental initiatives
Litter and vegetation
Highways England will deliver its duties under the Environmental Protection Act by removing litter from our motorway network. We will further improve our performance in this area by developing and delivering educational campaigns to inform people of the safety and environmental risks of discarding rubbish. We will continue to work with local authorities to reduce litter on the APTR. We will target over grown vegetation to improve
the visual aspects of the network, and reduce the impact that vegetation can have on our neighbours and physical asset.

Strategic Business Plan 2015 – 2020

We will continue to:
• Remove litter from the network while informing people of the safety and environmental risks of discarding rubbish

Memo of understanding with Transport Focus

Transport Focus will provideadvice independent of central government and will be expected to represent the views of users of the Strategic Road Networ

Transport Focus will be responsible for the appointment of a road user stakeholder panel. This panel is intended to provide a link between the work of Transport Focus and the wider stakeholder community. Membership of the panel and other supporting bodies will reflect the full range of road users, as outlined in paragraph 5. The Secretary of State will appoint a representative to this panel.

Supply chain strategy

Transport Focus web site

Memorandum of Understanding between the Highways Monitor and the Department for Transport

Road Investment Strategy

Highways England License : Secretary of State for Transport statutory directions and guidance to the strategic highways company

5.22 The Licence holder must establish a stakeholder advisory panel to provide advice to the Licence holder’s Board on issues directly affecting local authorities and communities, and ensure that:

a. The membership of the panel includes representation from a credible range of local government and other stakeholders, including environmental and safety groups, as appropriate;
b. The Licence holder seeks advice from the panel on a regular basis.

5.23 In complying with 4.2(g) and its general duty under section 5(2) of the Infrastructure Act 2015 to have regard to the environment, the Licence holder should: a. Ensure that protecting and enhancing the environment is embedded into its business decision-making processes and is considered at all levels of operations

5.24 The Licence holder must develop and implement strategic plans that demonstrate how it aims to meet its legal duties and other obligations with regard to the environment, including the requirements of 5.23, to be published to timescales specified in the Licence holder’s Delivery Plan.

The Licence holder must establish a Design Panel to provide advice to the Licence holder on design issues, and in doing so ensure that:
a. The membership of the Design Panel includes representation from credible experts and relevant stakeholders, as appropriate;

Infrastructure Act

Section 110 of Schedule I amends Section 89 (duty to keep land and highways clear of litter etc) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 making a strategic highways company responsible for ensuring that any trunk which is a special road (i.e. motorway) for which it is the highways authority and any relevant highway for which it is responsible is, so far as is practicable, kept clear of litter and refuse.

Section 5 (2) says: A strategic highways company must also, in exercising its functions, have regard to the effect of the exercise of those functions on—
(a)the environment, and
(b)the safety of users of highways.

Smart motorways


Peter Silverman
24th April 2015


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