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Who is responsible for a particular highway in England?

We need to consider who is responsible for cleaning including litter picking it and who is responsible for all other aspects of its maintenance. I shall refer to this as “cutting the grass” although of course it includes maintaining the white lines, barriers, fencing, signage and lighting.

You need to answer the following questions:

Is the road included on this map of the the strategic network managed by Highways England ( previously known as the Highways Agency)?

If it is and it is a motorway  Highways England is responsible for cleansing and cutting the grass.

If it is it is not a motorway it is a Highways England All Purpose Trunk Road (ATPR).

If its an ATPR is it on either of these two lists  or shown in blue on this map

If yes HE is responsible for cleaning and cutting the grass.

If not on the lists and is in grey on the map the local authority is responsible for litter picking while the HE cuts the grass.

Is it a roundabout at a motorway or APTR  junction which is on this list provided by HE?

If it is Highways England are responsible for litter picking, otherwise it is the local authority

[This map shows the division of responsibilities at the Denham Roundabout (J1 of the M40) between South Bucks District Council (blue) and HE’s M25 (red) and M40 (yellow) contractors].

Is it a non motorway in London?

If yes the London Borough will be responsible for litter-picking.
Responsibility for grass cutting etc will be the responsibility of TfL if on pages 71 – 84 of this document it is in a pink section.
Otherwise the London Borough is responsible for cutting the grass etc.

Is it outside London and not a motorway or an ATPR?

The the District Council will be responsible for litter-picking
How to locate the relevant Local Authority

In Wales the South Wales Trunk Road Agent is responsible for litter collection on Motorways only. On other trunk roads litter collection is the responsibility of the relevant local authority.


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