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From: Clean Highways []
Sent: 28 July 2011 17:35
To: Secretary of State for Transport
Cc: Mike Penning (Under-secretary of State for Transport); Will Gates (CPRE)
Subject: Alan Cook’s independant review of the Highways Agency


Dear Mr Hammond,

In his letter to me of 30th March Mike Penning referred to a  “proposed independent review to determine whether the Government has the most appropriate approach to the operation, maintenance and enhancement of the strategic roads network”.

I wrote back on  11th April 2011 asking “Who will be heading up this review and how can I ensure that I am able to make a contribution to their deliberations?

On 17th June  I wrote to him saying   “My e-mail of 11th April 2011 – I think this e-mail may have been overlooked.  A response would be very much appreciated”.

On 8th July, still having hear nothing, I wrote saying “ I would very much appreciate an acknowledgement of my e-mail of 17th June and an indication as to when I can expect a reply”.  I have heard nothing subsequently.

I recently discovered an announcement dated 30th March on the Highways Agency web site saying that  In the coming financial year, key highlights in the Business Plan include:   an independent review of the Agency carried out by the new non-executive chairman, with recommendations to be made to the Secretary of State for Transport in October”.   No contact details were given for the Chairman, Alan Cook.

As his report will be made to you I am sure that you will want it to be informed by as wide a range of opinions and expertise as possible.  Could you therefore please provide me with Alan Cook’s contact details, preferably an  e-mail address, so that I can write to him directly and in confidence.

Mike Penning kindly arranged for me to meet with Highways Agency officials on 27th June. The meeting was most informative.  I wrote with some follow up questions on 28th June.  I received an e-mail from Robert Castleman on 8th July saying they are looking at “some” of the issues I have raised and  will reply “as soon as they can”.  Today I received a further holding e-mail from Mr Castleman.   I would be most grateful if you could use your good offices to encourage them to respond within the next two weeks and to cover all of the issues raised.

Their answers will greatly  inform my representations to Alan Cook.  As he has to report to you in October this is now a matter of some urgency.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please respond by e-mail and help save the planet.

Kind regards


Peter Silverman
(Phone number removed)


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