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Permanent Secretary at the Department for Transport fails to address concerns raised over the Highways Agency’s Asset Support Contract and its implementation in the north west.

Please refer to my e-mail to Philip Rutnam of 2nd September 2013.

In spite of my urging him to take personal ownership of this issue he passed my e-mail down the line. This is the less than informative response I received:

From: David Cooper
Sent: 27 September 2013 11:42
To: Peter Silverman
Cc: Mark Leonard
Subject: Highways Agency’s new Asset Support Contract

Dear Mr Silverman,

Thank you for you email letter to Philip Rutnam of 2nd September (below), who has asked me to reply to you in my role as head of the Highways Agency Sponsorship team.

You have met Stephen Hammond, Minister for State responsible for the Strategic Road Network, and raised highways maintenance with him; and I note that you are due to meet again in December. I am also aware that you are in communication with the M56 Highways Agency Regional Director and the relevant policy division, and that the HA are reviewing their approach to responding to eight Freedom of Information requests that you have lodged.

As you are meeting the Minister I can see little value, and possible prejudice to any discussions you may have, by my commenting on your proposals in advance of the meeting. I am also unsure that there is much to be added to the earlier response you have received from Philip Rutnam, as I realise you are not seeking the views of the HA.

I hope that the meeting is constructive and helpful to you.


David Cooper OBE MICE

Highways Agency Sponsorship; Strategic Roads Division; Department for Transport, GMH, London, SW1P 4DR.


Peter Silverman
1st October 2013



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