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Correspondence with Mike Penning MP

On February 25, 2011, in Highways Agency, Mike Penning, by PeterSilverman

22/11/2010 – Report “Our Littered Motorways – why the legislation is not working”

25/11/2010 – Covering letter to Mike Penning

17/01/2011 – Response from Mike Penning to Clean Highways

18/01/2010 – Mike Penning to Nick Hurd MP

30/01/2011 – Reply to Mike Penning from Clean Highways

17/02/2011 – Response from Mike Penning

25/02/2011 – To Mike Penning

25/02/2011 – Reply to Mike Penning

30/03/2011 – From Mike Penning

31/03/2011 – Response from Mike Penning

31/03/2011 – Mike Penning to Nick Hurd

01/04/ 2011 – Reply to Mike Penning

04/04/2011 – From Nick Hurd

11/04/2011 – To Mike Penning (HA Chair, performance monitoring group, independent review)

11/04/2011 – To Nick Hurd (Meeting with Mike Penning on basis of not discussing ongoing actions for Litter Abatement Orders)

12/05/2011 – To Mike Penning (Expediting meeting with senior officials)

07/06/2011 – From Mike Penning (Meeting should be held once court case is resolved)

17/06/2011 – To Mike Penning (Thank you for arranging meeting with Highways Agency…Can we meet in July?……Advice you are receiving is not thought through…..Evidence suggests Highways Agency is not taking motorway litter seriously?…. See M40 video for cause of problem)

08/07/2011 – To Mike Penning (Please acknowledge my e-mail of 17/06/2011….meeting with Highways Agency was most informative but did nothing to allay my concerns… I am holding off further complaints for Litter Abatement Orders to fulfil the precondition for meeting with you …. please suggest some dates?)


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