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Highways England and their contractors constantly make  references to the fact that picking litter puts workers lives at risk.

In a recent publication highlighting dangers faced by road workers Highways England stated that:

12 road workers, including two traffic officers, have lost their lives on the network over the past 10 years. In three of the cases the victims were knocked down by members of the public.

Meanwhile, over the past 10 years, workers have been injured by motorists on more than 50 occasions. Seventeen of those incidents involved workers on foot.

I put in a Freedom Of Information request from which it transpired that:

None of the 12 road workers were engaged in litter picking when the fatal incidents occurred

None of the 50 road workers injured by members of the public were undertaking litter picking duties at the time.

So in the last 10 years not a single worker has been hit by a motorist whilst litter-picking the HE network

I also learnt that in the last two years there had been a total of 859 injuries to workers on the HE network  including 1 fatality. Spreadsheet of injuries by Primary Cause.

Peter Silverman
30th October 2017


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