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orr-logoLitter mentioned in ORR’s annual report only as a result of feedback from Clean Highways

ORR told they have a statutory obligation to monitor HE’s compliance with EPA duty on litter

This should have priority over objectives laid down by DfT

ORR’s claim about  a new HE litter hotline questioned

HE in breach of license by not setting up a stakeholder panel

HE’s draft environmental strategy did not mention litter – publication being held up by DfT

Litter excluded from key documents to avoid criticism of DfT?

ORR’s process of monitoring HE litter described as futile

Smart motorway lay bys are death traps

Clean Highways not informed of ORR’s public consultation

Follow up e-mail to ORR – 22nd September 2016

E-mail to ORR – ORR’s engagement with HE over litter – 28th September 2016

E-mail to ORR Safety – Smart motorway laybys – 28th September 2016

Response to ORR consultation – 28th September 2016

ORR web site – roads section

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Peter Silverman
28th September 2016



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