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The meeting, held on 5th July 2013, had been arranged by Quentin Brodie-Cooper of Zilch. We received a warm welcome from the representatives of the Highways Agency and their M25 contractor Connect Plus.

Quentin had prepared an broad ranging agenda which led to a fruitful discussion particularly about his investigations of the littered state of J13.

On this post I just want to record the following points which are most relevant to my campaign.

The contractual standard to which Connect Plus work are those in the Highways Agency’s Routine and Winter Service Code

Connect Plus staff carry out periodic inspections which grade each 1 kilometre inspected into one of the Litter Code of Practice grades.  The grade given is the average for the kilometre. A stretch could have patches of Grade C or D but might be given a grade B rating if it was otherwise predominantly clean.

Cleaning was done by their Planned Maintenance Teams and by Incident Support Units. There were always 16 ISUs on duty in the daytime and 8 at night covering the M25 and the other feeder highways which are included in the contract.

The contractor looked to Chapter 8 (Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 – Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations) to determine the steps to be taken to ensure the safety of their litter pickers.  For further information on Chapter 8 please go to Safe road side litter picking.

The Agency signed off a “National Litter Strategy” on 26th June.  I have asked for a copy.

Peter Silverman
6th July 2013






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