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Vegetation cut back and litter removed 5 months after matter brought to the attention of Highways England Chairman

M4 J8  Mar 2015

February 2015

M4 J8 20_06_15_enhanced

20th July 2015

M40J8 fixed

27th July 2015

I raised the issue of J8/9 on the M4 with Colin Mathews, the Chairman of Highways England in a report dated 2nd March 2015.

During the course of the last few years I  had noticed that the land inside the barrier around the centre of the the island, illustrated in these photographs, was  invariably badly littered. Access to it is via 4 metal staircases leading up from the verge alongside the M4 down below. However saplings had been allowed to grow unchecked inside the barrier making access from the top of the steps impossible.

After progressing the matter I was informed on 15th June that ” .. it will require substantial vegetation removal to make it fully accessible for operatives. The team are reviewing up coming closures at J8/9 to see if we can get operatives in there to carry out litter removal.

On 27th July the vegetation was cut back and the litter removed. HE kindly provided photographs of the completed work.

I  have asked why road closures were deemed necessary and what contractual obligations the service provided is under to manage vegetation.

Peter Silverman
28th July 2015



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