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M32 email from Balfour Beatty

On August 18, 2011, in Highways Agency, M32, by PeterSilverman

Message Received: Aug 18 2011, 04:07 PM
From: “CustomerCare”
To: andrewedgington@xxxxx
Subject: Our Ref CCID:10113 – M32

Dear Mr Edgington

I write in response to your email regarding litter on the M32.

Having discussed your concerns further with our Senior Route Engineer I am able to provide the following response.

We have a crew on standby for incidents on the M32 every weekday during the morning and evening peak for 2 hours each. If they are not attending an incident then they litter pick or strim grass. Our records indicate that we have had crews litter picking on 17 days of the last 20 week days equating to approx 100 man hours of litter picking. They focus on high litter areas to make the most meaningful impact.

We are required to work to the code of practice identified from DEFRA (copy attached). Litter accumulations are identified in the EPA by Grades A-D. Motorway verges are to be maintained to grade B (Predominately free of litter and refuse apart from some small items) – but must not reach grade C (Widespread distribution of litter and/or refuse with minor accumulations.)

If it does reach grade C then the code of practice gives us 28 days to action it as the motorway is defined as an “area with special circumstances” due to the danger of working adjacent to a high speed road (see chapter 08 of the document defining Zones) and see also chapter 11 paragraph 4.

At Junction 1 we have restricted access due to the traffic management for the works on the A4174, this area will be targeted once South Gloucestershire Council’s works have been removed.

The hard shoulders south of Junction 2 (including Eastville Viaduct) are narrower than standard and therefore need full lane closure traffic management to safely access the verges. This has to be done at night due to the high daytime traffic levels. As recommended by the Code of practice this litter picking is combined with other maintenance operations (such as sweeping and gully emptying).

As litter is not safety critical and with premium being placed on cost saving given the current financial climate, our budgets are restricted to maintain the minimum acceptable standard.

I trust this information is of use to you.

Yours truly,



Ryan ScottCustomer Care OfficerBalfour Beatty Mott MacDonald910 Hempton Court, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4SR

Email:  Fax: 01454 452301





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