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M23 J9 Gatwick

On December 9, 2013, in Highways Agency, by PeterSilverman

“Our country looks dreadful to visitors arriving through Gatwick” – Dave Brooker

Gatwick J9
Mr Brooker e-mailed the Highways Agency on 9th December as follows:

Please find attached a photo of a section of  the roundabout over junction 9 of the M23 connecting it to the spur to Gatwick.

It is representative of the whole roundabout which  have noticed is consistently littered.  The photograph is one small section, taken while waiting at the traffic lights.

 I am really concerned at the impression it gives of our country as visitors pass through Gatwick, a large percentage of whom use this route to and from Gatwick Airport.

Could you please:

Confirm that the Highways Agency is responsible for cleaning it,

If so, what standards do you work to?

Tell me when it was last cleaned?

What steps you will now take to remedy the situation.

How do you check that you staff, or your contractors, are doing the job they are supposed to do?

David J Brooker

The photographs dated September 2012 were taken from Google Street View

Not having received any response he wrote to Robert Goodwill, the new highways minister, on 7th January.


Peter Silverman
9th January 2014



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