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M23 – David Brooker continues his quest for answers

On February 13, 2014, in Highways Agency, by PeterSilverman

Highways Agency : The clearance of the M23 is carried out every other month or when litter is reported by a member of the public

This is an update to my previous post of 9th January 2014 M23 J9 Gatwick.

Gatwick J9

Mr Brooker had  e-mailed the Highways Agency on 9th December 2013 drawing their attention to his photographs of a section of  the roundabout over junction 9 of the M23 connecting it to the spur to Gatwick and asking a number of pertinent questionsNot having received any response he wrote to Robert Goodwill, the new highways minister, on 7th January. His e-mail was passed to the Highways Agency who replied to him on 27th January. In their reply they referred to their contractors Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald and said:

“The clearance of the M23 is the responsibility of the Highways Agency and is carried out every other month or when litter is reported by a member of the public”.

Mr Brooker has written back to Mr Goodwill asking in reference to this statement:

“How do you reconcile this with the Secretary of State’s duty under Section 89(1) of the Environmental Protection Act to ensure, so far as is practicable, that the motorway is kept clear of litter and refuse?”

What I find extraordinary about the statement from the Agency is its implication that the contractor does not carry out any routine checks to identify and rectify litter accumulations.

Mr Brooker has also pointed out to Mr Goodwill that the reply from the Agency failed to answer any of his original questions. These were in reference to J9 and were as follows:

Confirm that the Highways Agency is responsible for cleaning it

If so, what standards do you work to?

Tell me when it was last cleaned?

What steps you will now take to remedy the situation.

How do you check that you staff, or your contractors, are doing the job they are supposed to do?


Watch this space.

 Peter Silverman
13th February 2014



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