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M1 J15 southbound exit slip road

On March 1, 2013, in Highways Agency, M1, by PeterSilverman

I have asked the Highways Agency to clarify the split responsibilities for triangles of land between slip roads (their responsibility)  and roundabouts (usually the responsibility of the local authority). These areas are invariably defaced by litter – as is the case here. Thier contractor replied but did not answer the question.

J15 M1 composite 2

There is no reason why this triangle of land at the end of the southbound exit slip road should have been allowed to become so littered. There are no health and safety issues here as an operative need only pick the litter adjacent to the carraigeway when the traffic is halted by the red light.

The land in the immediate foreground is adjacent to the slip road and is therefore part of the motorway. The responsibility for cleaning it therefore lies with the Highways Agency.

However the land furthest away is adjacent to the roundabout which is not part of the motorway and would be the responsibility of the local authority. When the litter was reported to  Northamptonshire County Council they denied responsibility. Please refer to the anonymous  FixMyStreet report.

I have therefore wrote to the Highways Agency to draw their attention to the litter and to ask them how the division of responsibility is dealt with in such cases. I received a reply from their servcie provider to whom I have responded saying they have not answered the question.

I am amazed at how clean the motorway verges are when looked at in Google Maps Streetview.  They should do their surveys more often.

J15 M1 from roudabout

Peter Silverman
1st March 2013
updated 7th march 2013


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