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No deaths

Injuries averaging less than one per month

Only one fractured bone in 5 years

Other injuries were mainly sprains, bruises and cuts

In September 2015 Tom Brake MP  asked the DFT how many people had been (a) injured and (b) killed while removing litter or refuse from the strategic road network since January 2010, what the causes of those accidents were, and what injuries had been sustained.

He was told no one had been killed  but there had been 44 injuries.

The causes were:

Hit by moving vehicles 2
Hit by a moving, flying or falling object 4
Horse play 1
Injured while handling lifting or carrying 8
Slipped, tripped or fell on the same level 22

The injuries suffered were:

Fractured bone(s) 1
Bruising 8
Burn(s) 1
Cuts and lacerations 8
Ingress of foreign body 1
Sprains 25

All of the personal were employed by HE’s contractors.

That averages to  under one injury per month.

See full text of Tom Brake’s question and the answer he received 


Following a parliamentary question form Tom Watson in 2010 I had obtained the same information for the previous 4 years 2006 – 2009. This showed there had been 8 recorded injuries as follows:


Slipped, tripped or fell 4
Unknown 1
Hit by moving vehicle 1
Collision between Impact Protection Vehicle and 3rd party vehicle 1
Lifting/carrying handling 1


Pain in arms 1
Strained knee ligaments 4
Bruising to chest 1
Laceration to finger 1
Whiplash injury 1

Peter Silverman
13th September 2015


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