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Ayton village volunteers demand action from Sunderland Council




From: Aytonvolunteers
Sent: 13 January 2015 16:03
Cc: Peter Silverman; MILLER GRAEME
Subject: Ongoing of Litter and fly tipping at the MOTO Services Washington

To Chief Executive of the Sunderland Council

Dear Sir

We are writing to you about the land between Emerson Road, Washington and the lorry park at the rear of the MOTO Services on the A1(M). It consists of an approximately 30 metres wide strip of land of about 500-600 metres long and turning up towards the open motorway public footbridge. There are a numbers of rough tracks running through the bushes into the Service Station.

The land to the east will be relevant land of the council for the purposes of S86 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The land to the west is, we assume, private land occupied by Moto Hospitality Ltd whose head address is Toddington Service Area, Junction 11/12, M1 Southbound, Toddington, Bedfordshire, LU5 6HR.

Vast amounts of litter and fly tipping has built up on it over several years, and because of this it is heavily infested with vermin. We have provided photos of the contamination for your information.

We, as a group of residents, complained about the condition of the area around 6/7 years ago via Councillor Graeme Miller who checked the area and attempted to have it cleared. Cutting of the shrubbery lasted one day and was stopped with no reason given. We have put many complaints to the Council and the MOTO Service manager, Ms Lynn Poulter. Her position is that the litter and fly-tipping is on council land and therefore not her problem.

The land from the internal service road is lower and makes it easy for the fly tippers to off load tyres and drums etc. Simply cutting the shrubs down would open the Services up and allow more noise from the Motorway to the housing estate. A substantial fence or soil embankment would prevent fly tippers fouling the land.

We would like to make an information request under the Environmental Regulations 2004. Please provide us with a map or diagram showing the extent of the council’s relevant land to the west of Emerson Road showing where it stops and the private land of Moto Hospitality Ltd begins.

As the relevant Principal Litter Authority could the council please issue a Litter Clearing Notice, under EPA S92 A C, against Moto Hospitality Ltd in respect to the litter and refuse situated on their land.

With regard to the remaining land could you please comply with your duty under S89(1) of the Environmental Protection Act to ensure, so far as is practicable, that it is kept clear of litter and refuse.

Please see the photographs of which we have only chosen a few. The situation needs looked at on site with the management of the Services and at this time of year while the trees are bare.

Mac Fairrington
a member of


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