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On 1st April 2016 I had asked HE CEO Jim O’Sullivan:

Can you tell me if HE has been allocated specific revenue funding for dealing with litter and, if so, how much that is?”

Only after the intervention of the Information Commissioner did HE provide the requested information. (See ICO Decision Notice).   In their e-mail of 29th July 2016 HE stated that:

Budgets for Highways England are set by Government but funds are not allocated for specific maintenance activities such as litter picking. We do not separately identify the cost of dealing with litter as this activity forms part of a wider service which includes other general maintenance activities

The Infrastructure Act states that in setting up a strategic highways company the government must specify the objectives it has to  achieve  and the financial resources the government is going to provide for that purpose. In so doing they have to have regard to their effect on the environment. No objective was set in regard to litter and hence no specific funding needed to be allocated. What a mess!


Peter Silverman
29th August 2016


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