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Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald took over the contract for maintaining Area 10 from 3th November.  I obtained a copy of their Maintenance Requirements Plan via a freedom of  information enquiry. It is dated 13th December 2012 and supersedes the versions dated 10th October and 21st November.

It says:

The purpose of the of BBMM’s MRP is to outline BBMM’s intention for the delivery of maintenance taking into account the condition and age of the asset.

At the bottom of page 3-6 in a section dealing with the various types of route inspections it says:

Pt 15 – Sweeping and Cleaning
o Route inspections will identify and monitor hazardous areas.
o Non hazard related issues will be monitored through the Watchman Plan;Environmental Amenity Index and Environmental Management Plan

 “Sweeping and cleaning” is covered in detail in the Appendix on pages A-58 to A-63

A- 59 says:

Inspection regime to comply with CoP on Litter and Refuse for all Motorways; A56 and A5103. Utilise API.

A-60 says:

To provide an accurate record of the condition of the asset ….
1. … The Asset Manager will develop a framework for the inspection programme by reviewing the contractual requirements and risk assessment and controls identified within risk matrix.

2. … The Asset Manager will use all recommendations to develop a robust inspection programme. Where appropriate this should include a review of historic data for the purposes of identifying opportunities for relaxations or enhancements under the terms of AMOR. The CoP does not outline an inspection regime, but rather is outcome based with restoration periods highlighted.

3.   Activity  – Are Relaxations or Enhancements Required … Current known locations can be associated with areas of long grass and vegetation that pose a risk to the individual associated with carrying out the activity. Relaxation to applied for until vegetation has died back and the risk of slips, trips and falls has been reduced.

6. …. As previously highlighted there will not be an individual inspection associated with the Sweeping and Cleaning Maintenance Requirement, information will be obtained by Asset Manager from route inspections, EAI reports and Watchman process.

We are told the inspection regime is to comply with the CoP, a reference to Defra’s Litter code of Practice, but then we are told that the CoP does not outline an inspection regime so there will not be any “individual” inspections.

The use of the future tense is disconcerting. “The Asset Manager… will.. develop a robust inspection programme”.  Does this means that as at 13th December 2012 there was no agree inspection regime in force?

Remember what this document is referring to is the contractor’s internal procedures. There is nothing here about how the Agency are to monitor compliance of the contractor with whatever might be their obligations.

Surprise surprise a later freedom of information enquiry revealed that  in the first two months of the contract the contractor carried out no litter picking whatsoever.

 Peter Silverman
29th August 2013





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