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Hertsmere Borough Council:   The area near Junction 24 of the M25 is the joint responsibility of us and Herts Highways, and is cleared twice a year, with our next scheduled clean in February.

Canterbury City Council:

High speed roads – following suspension of works because of health and safety concerns, the Highways England contractor is now working effectively with Serco and the twice yearly cleaning programme is up to date. Litter in lay-bys has reduced with the introduction of new large aperture litter bins in strategic lay-bys to deal with the amount of litter and side waste left by lorry drivers and their overnight parking. Forty larger 180 litre (standard ones are 140 litres) bins costing £14,000 have been placed in lay-bys and other high demand areas
Source: Extract from discussion by Cantebury Council Jan 2017 via Helly Langley

Havant Borough Council / East Hants DC – A27

Litter picking carried out twice a year to coincide with HCC and Highways England verge maintenance
Source: E-mail from Richard Ladd_Jones 18/01/2017

Tendring District Council:

Yes I confirm that we have a statutory duty to maintain public highways clear of litter accumulations and as such the inside verges of the dual carriageway is litter picked four times per annum, the laybys fortnightly and the central reservation of the A133 annually. R

Jonathan Hamlet BSc (Hons)
Street Scene Officer
Tendring District Council
CO16 9AJ
E-mail jhamletXX
Tel 01255 686770

Highways England (motorway central reservations)

Central reserves are cleaned and swept during routine cyclic maintenance operations, such as gully emptying, strimming, sweeping, barrier re-tensioning etc. or during other planned maintenance activities requiring traffic management, such as lamp column maintenance, resurfacing or barrier repairs.

… unless debris in the central reservation poses an immediate safety risk to the road user, it is left until a suitable opportunity, requiring the necessary traffic management, arises.

Source: letter to Philip Swift  5th Dec 2016

Amber Valley Borough Council

The A38 in Derbyshire is  a Highways England road where the local authority has responsibility for cleansing. On their web site referring to a clean up of their section AVBC stated  ”

The clean-up takes place once a year and requires a lane of the dual carriageway to be shut during the operation. Because of the volume of litter this year, a further night to complete the clean-up has been scheduled for next month.

Source:  Page on council web site    Copy of page on Council web site 


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