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These photos were taken from my dash cam footage of 19th April 2016.

I was returning to Calais after driving to Nice and back on the French motorways system.

I had seen just two locations where litter had accumulated. The central reservations were all virtually litter free.

The explanation for this may lie in the fact that I did not see any waste transport vehicles or skips which were not thoroughly sealed in stark contrast to my experience in the UK

France montage

On exiting the tunnel I was appalled by the condition of the M20.

I saw more litter on one slip road than I had seen in the whole of France.

On my return home I found this e-mail in my in-box:

My son lives in Holland and I drive over to see him regularly. The motorways between Calais and The Hague are really busy and there are large numbers of lorries. BUT there is virtually no litter along the roads and you can be sure I am on the look out for it.!!!
It’s deeply shocking to arrive back in Kent and see the unbelievably disgusting state of the A2 . Almost makes one want to weep.

So many thanks for your campaign. I am delighted to learn of it and will keep vigilant .
Best Wishes
Helly Langley

And later this from Denise Baker:

Have just returned from a holiday in Spain and the difference in cleanliness is unbelievable. To say theirs is such a big country they control the litter much better than we do at home.

Peter Silverman
6th May 2016


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