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Mr P Silverman

20 Kingsend







Robert Castleman

Traffic Technology Divisional Director


Federated House

London Road

Dorking RH4 1SZ

Direct Line:       01306 878250

5 September 2011



Dear Mr Silverman


I am writing to you in response to your e-mail to the Secretary of State for Transport of 28 July and the previous correspondence you reference.

I will respond to the issues in your email in the order they appear.

Independent Review of the Highways Agency

Thank for your interest in contributing to the Highways Agency Review.  I suggest that you speak directly to the Review Lead, Richard Buckley on 0207 944 8859 or to team member Patrick Curry on 0207 944 6908 in order to feed in your views.

Meeting with Highways Agency Officials 27 June

I’m pleased you found the meeting informative and you raised a number of issues in your correspondence of 28 June some of which were more complex to address e.g. enforcement. I wrote to you on two occasions to advise that your issues were being progressed and my detailed letter of 4 August addressed your points.

I hope that you find this response helpful.

Yours sincerely

Robert Castleman

NDD Traffic Technology Division



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