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M40 J1 B exit 13_04_2011 A

M40 J1

The photographs on this post show the bottom sections of various motorway off-slip roads.

The verges at theses locations are invariably litter black spots.

I have proposed to Highways England that many of them could be safely litter-picked without lane closures.

This could be done if they picked the litter while the lights were on red. The operatives would then retreat to safe vantage points as the traffic moved off.

As a further development of this idea I am also asking them to consider allowing a operative, equipped with a hand held stop sign, to hold up the traffic for an additional minute or two.

This would extend the queue  and enable the verges further back along the slip road to be cleansed.

In many cases the vegetation would need to be managed to facilitate the work.

Once in place a crew could repeat the process until the verges (albeit only the sections nearest to roundabout) were clean.

Area 2 M5 J23 NB off 05/04/14

M5 J23

M6 J17

M6 J17

J15 M1 Main photo_edited-1

M1 J15








I have put these ideas to Highways England. Their position is that the traffic stop / start makes the situation unpredictable and poses a risk to the operatives and operatives cannot pick litter in an unsafe environment.

I think it is self evident that the litter shown in the photographs on this page could be picked safely without the need to close the adjacent slip roads.

This I accept would not apply to all slip roads. Also, while it might be safe to litter pick at the bottom of a slip this might not be the case further back where traffic speeds would be higher and access more difficult. Each slip-road would need to be assessed to establish the right working procedure.

M1 J14 23_10_15 B 09_2008

Southbound off-slip of M1 J11

As you see here road works are being carried out at the bottom of an off-slip without regard to the adjacent traffic. Unlike  litter-picking operatives these gentlemen cannot step back when the traffic speeds increase.

Please refer to M1 – Southbound off-slips defaced by litter

Peter Silverman
30th October 2015


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