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For every 100 bags collected by the previous contractor BBMM only picked up 30.

The following table shows the number of bags of litter picked up in Highways Agency Area 10, (the north west of England) from Nov to May over the last three years.

2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 Change
Nov 3,109 2,141 0 -100%
Dec 2,150 1,147 0 -100%
Jan 5,656 3,133 714 -84%
Feb 6,909 3,934 1,640 -70%
Mar 7,889 7,866 1,955 -75%
Apr 5,933 4,351 4,630 -10%
May 4,549 4,382 640 -86%
 Total 36,195 26,954 9,579 -70%

Litter along M67

The Highways Agency awarded the maintenance contract for this area  to Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald. They took over on 4th November 2012. The arrangement was under the terms of the new and much criticised (at least by me) Asset Support Contract.

The right hand column compares the number of bags collected by BBMM in 2012/13 with the average of the predecessor in the previous two years.

The source data was provided by the Highways Agency following my freedom of information enquiry.

BBMM did no cleaning whatsoever in their first two months. For the whole period they were 70% down i.e. for every 100 bags collected by the previous contractor BBMM only picked up 30.

On average the old contractor picked 4,510 bags per month. This was only achieved once, in April, by BBMM.

Following complaints from local MP Andrew Gwynne the then minister with responsibly for the Highways Agency, Stephen Hammond, stated on 22nd March 2013 The Highways Agency has addressed performance issues that emerged during the early months of the new contract, and the new litter inspection and clearance regime is firmly established“.

However in the following two months i.e. April and May they collected 5,270 bags,  an average of 2,635 per month still 41% down on the average monthly pick of 4,510 for the old contractor.

A reason for the decline in May might have been due to BBMM concerns about their operatives having to step onto grass which can of course be treacherous at that time of the year. We should certainly consider closing of our national parks during the Spring and Summer months.  This point is covered in their Management Requirements Plan which sets out how they will meet their contractual commitments. It states:

A.32 Part 15 – Sweeping and Cleaning – Risk Managed Inspection Procedure
3. Activity  – Are Relaxations or Enhancements Required
… Current known locations can be associated with areas of long grass and vegetation that pose a risk to the individual associated with carrying out the activity. Relaxation to applied for until vegetation has died back and the risk of slips, trips and falls has been reduced.

Of course once the grass is long enough it hides most of the long term litter.

I have now asked for the cleansing logs from June 2013 to January 2014.

The photograph above was taken by a member of Andrew Gwynne MP’s staff. It shows a slip road  between J1 and J1A of the M67 and was taken on 15th Jan 2014. Please refer to Littered M67 a disgrace says MP

Peter Silverman
4th February 2014






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