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E-mail from Alan Cook’s review team to Clean Highways:

From: Patrick Curry []

Sent: 24 November 2011 15:21
Subject: Cook Review of Strategic Road Network

Dear all,

Just a brief note to let you know that Alan Cook has just published his report to the Secretary of State, following his review of the management of the Strategic Road Network.  The full report is available at: .

The Secretary of State has issued a written Ministerial statement welcoming the report, and her intention to publish a full response early next year:

Alan would like to pass on his thanks for your contributions to the review: we hope the final document is of interest, and on behalf of the team I would like to add our personal thanks for the very constructive advice and support you have provided to the review team.
Many thanks,


Patrick Curry | Strategic Roads Review team |


“Clean Highways” is included in the list of contributors on page 87 of the report.


 Our contribution is reflected in page 34 where Alan Cook states:

“lack of transparency: there is no clear statement of the quality of service that taxpayers should expect from the network as a result of their financial contribution, restricting their ability to scrutinise the Agency’s performance or the DfT’s funding allocation decisions”. Reference is made to note (29) which states:

 “One example of a perceived lack of clarity of service expectations, raised by a number of contributors to the review, regards standards for the amount of litter on the network”.

Please refer to Clean Highways’ report to Alan Cook


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