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A road on the Highways England network where the local authority has the responsibility for cleansing

A45 Nortants montage

These photographs and the comments below were taken from an article in the Northampton Chronicle of 3rd April 2016

As Highways England workers carry out tree cutting along the stretch, people have contacted the Chron to wonder why the litter could not be picked up at the same time.

“The crazy thing is they are cutting back the trees in the area, why can’t someone pick up the rubbish as they go?

“There are bits of plastic, bits of cars, wrappers, it’s revolting. I’ve been staring at the same waste for three years.”

In order for litter picks to be a carried out on the side of the road, lane closures need to be put in place. Highways England, which maintains the major roads in the UK, has to give permission for that to happen on the A45, but it says the ultimate responsibility lies with Northampton Borough Council.


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