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Dover DC A20 mapAiden Denton has kindly shared this letter from Dover District Council with me. It is dated 29th February 2016 and concerns the littered state of the A2 and A20. These are both Highways England APTRS – All Purpose Trunk Roads. HE are responsible for their maintenance apart from cleansing which is down to the Local Authority.

Dover DC explain that before they can do any litter picking they have to pre-book road space for lane closures  with HE’s contractor.

Bookings are only allowed over-night

DCC have to pay for the necessary traffic management measures

In recent months they have been routinely denied access

Last time the A20 was cleaned was in November 2015.  However only certain sections of the Folkestone-bound carriageway was cleansed.

They will only get access to the A20 in March/April.


Peter Silverman
9th March 2016







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