Highways Agency

The Highways Agency is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport (DfT), and is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport.

Highways Agency contracts

Highways Agency web site

Map of   Highways Agency’s network of motorways and strategic  trunk roads

Trunk roads where the Highways Agency are responsible for cleaning

Model Maintenance contracts

Highways Agency – Standards for Highways

Highways Agency – Putting things right

Highways Agency – number of employees

Highways Agency – spending on maintenance

Traffic Signals Manual

Traffic Signals Manual Chapter 8 part 1

Traffic Signals Manual Chapter 8 part 2

Guidance for work on hard shoulders and verges (see P(6) on page 7 for reference to litter picking)

HSE- Temporary Traffic Management on High Speed Roads

Organisational chart

Alan Cook appointed Chairman of Highways Agency

Highways Agency Annual report 2009/2010 This 85 page document use the words “litter” and “cleaning” just once

Highways Agency Business Plan of 30/03/2011 makes no reference whatsoever  to “litter” or “cleaning”

National Road Users Satisfaction Survey Those surveyed were asked asked( see page 52) to evaluate the following statement regarding motorways “The road is kept free from litter” .  This could be construed as only referring to the road surface and not the adjacent verge.

Road worker safety strategy Lane blocking vehicles seen as preferable to advance warning signs and cones


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