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Government must not ignore safety concerns of ‘all lane running’

Commons Select Transport Committee – September 2016

Nothing smart about ‘deadly’ lay-bys on all-lane running motorways

Automobile Association – September 2016

I almost died pulling out of a cramped smart lay-by on the M25. I was hemmed in at the front by a lorry and had minimal space to build up speed before pulling out into continuous fast moving traffic.

Summary of e-mail to Office of Rail & Road – September 2016

4 years since they were required to do so Highways England have still not set up a Stakeholder Advisory Panel including ” safety groups” as required under their license.

Clean Highways – June 2019

Highways England continues to demonstrate a strong focus on safety.

Office of Rail & Road’s assessment of Highways England 2018/19

….. four stranded motorists were killed in just 10 months on just a 16-miles stretch of the M1 where the hard shoulder had been turned into a fourth lane.

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, told MPs “we know people are dying on smart motorways” before demanding a “stock-take of evidence” to establish whether they were safe or not.

Daily Telegraph – 24th October 2019

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Peter Silverman
25th October 2019


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