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Extracts from Steve Bird’s article in The Telegraph 20th October 2020:

Judge said he would be alive today if there had been a hard shoulder.

Two men died when a lorry ploughed into their stationary vehicles on the M1 near Sheffield on June 7 last year. They had stopped on the inside lane to exchange details after a “minor shunt”.

They died one mile from an emergency refuge area on a stretch of motorway where the hard shoulder had been turned into a live lane.

They were the third and fourth people to die on the stretch of smart motorway in 10 months.

Referring to Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, ‘stocktake’ into the safety of ‘smart motorways’, she [the widow of one of the men] added: “An agenda genuinely concerned with avoiding future deaths is not served by a pretend review and 18 compromises that wouldn’t have saved any of the 40-plus people killed by smart motorways or jailing the wrong person.”

Smart Motorways Kill Campaign


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