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Interim Advice Note 150/11

Please refer to Interim Advice Note 150/11 Temporary Traffic Management Signing Simplification

It is not clear who has authored this guidance document but it looks as if it is Highways England rather than the DfT

It states that:

It is supplementary to (but does not replace any elements of) the existing guidance given in DfT Traffic Signs Manual – Chapter 8 (2009 Revision).

Research and trials by the Highways Agency has shown that some temporary traffic management (TTM) signs in the lane change zone may be safely omitted from relaxation scheme1 traffic management without any identifiable change in road user behaviour. By reducing the number of signs, the time spent on-road and the number of live lane crossings by the HA supply chain operatives is reduced. This significantly reduces road worker risk from manual handling operations and crossing the live carriageway without adversely affecting road user safety.

Adoption of this guidance is not mandatory and it represents an alternative approach to providing lane change zone signing

At an on-site meeting it was put to me by Highways England and their Area 5 contractor Connect Plus (M25) Ltd there was now a blanket exclusion on any live lane crossing. As a consequence they told me that litter pickers can no longer cross a live lane regardless of the presence or otherwise of traffic

This applied, they said, to single  lanes on the Denham roundabout (M4 J1) even when the traffic using it is being held up by traffic lights.

It is clear from the above that Interim Advice Note 150/11 is concerned only with reducing risk to operatives by eliminating the need to cross live lanes when putting traffic signage in place.  There is no blanket ban.

Peter Silverman
12th March 2019



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