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Zahid Ahmed, 19, died on M1

I have written an e-mail to Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport about deaths on Highways England’s smart motorways.

In my opinion HE breached their license by failing to set up a stakeholder advisory panel with representatives from “safety groups”.

Dear Mr Shapps,

I am writing to you in your capacity as Secretary of State for Transport.

Please refer to Steve Bird’s article dated 18th January in the The Telegraph –  Talented university student becomes latest ‘stranded’ smart motorway death – two others in comas

Highways England was formed in April 2015. Their License from the DfT specified that they must establish a stakeholder advisory panel and ensure that the membership included environment and safety groups .

Their failure to do so is detailed at Highways England’s non-compliant Stakeholder Advisory panel

One can only speculate that if they had received advice on safety via a properly constituted panel the recent tragedies may have been mitigated.

I myself nearly lost my life when trying to extricate myself from tight space on a smart lay-by on the M25.

I trust this is of help.

Kind regards

Peter Silverman
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