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A major contributor to roadside litter, particularly on motorways, are spillages from skip lorries and bulk waste transporters.

This 30 second video shows what is happening on a regular basis.

However the Environment Agency have only prosecuted one such offending company since Jan 2000 and that was at my instigation. They have admitted that they are no longer funded to do this work.

In spite of this the governments went on to say in their April 2017 Litter Strategy on page 56:




Material falling or coming out of a vehicle carrying waste is an escape of waste. Producers of waste also have a duty to ensure vehicles do not leave their site inappropriately covered or sealed. This can be enforced by local authorities or the Environment Agency under Section 34 of the Environment Protection Act 1990“.

Highways England obstinately refuse to accept that they can and should prosecute these offences.

Even though in this letter the DfT have confirmed that HE can prosecute under EPA S34  nothing is done.

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Peter Silverman
31st January 2019


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